Paithalmala Trekking - Elephant Trail To Suicide Point


Main attractions                 
Suicide point,Watch tower,Mind boggling view of Kannur district                                   
Trek difficulty Level            

Trek distance                     
4KM (oneside)

Time to trek                       
2 - 3 (hours one side)

Not Required

Resorts are mushrooming all over the places,please do not encourage them
Contact Appachan(Mob-9496707382),Who is a native of Paithalmala will cook delicious food for you                                                                                                                                                                        
Trekking fees                    
Ticket Rate-30Rs for adults and 15Rs for children 

Bus Timings                      
Kudiyanmala to Paithalmala : 9.20 AM 
Paithalmala to Kudiyanmala : 5.20 PM
Try to avoid plastics as much as possible 


                It all started in a flash.. Our beloved friend Madhu ( Madhuraj PK), came to us ( Deepak Varma, Akshay Kumar, Prinand AV Nambiar, Jyothish VM) with an idea, which made us think for a while, but seeing the adventure before us, we drew to a conclusion to get packing....
You never know what lies in the nature, we thought about the things to be taken, tried getting info about the destination. We had no clear idea about what to take and what not till the day before.
Once you’re focused everything is like a charm, which we saw when we reached the destination.
We tried calling some of the locals for more info, we failed, but never lost the interest, the spirit. We moved on. We made ourselves clear about the precautionary items to be taken, we settled to the idea and then we dispersed.

This journey came felicitously. And we dozed off to a new day and for an exciting travel experience... 

Paithalmala Walking through Forest

Date: 08/08/2013
Time: 6.45 AM

Madhu, Deepu, came to my house as decided. But for achu it wasn’t time. He always does that.. we prepared our bag pack, with the stuffs to get rid of our most awaited rival, “THE LEECH”. Madhu who already did his research on the leeches was confident on giving us directions in the ‘THE LEECH THEORY’. We were told to bring salt (NaCl), a lighter ( Match box, If available). We were also aware of our appetite, and we all got what was prepared in the morning. Thinking about the journey ahead we got enough food. And all of a sudden achu with his cycle came to view. And we felt relaxed, I mean first relaxation of the day. And we all joined and told what we bought for the trip. The funny thing we saw was that achu had a small (when I say small, its way too small) bag. The contents were a pair of inners!!!!!
We made a move to the bus stand, Pilathara. Then boarded a bus to Thaliparamba. Where we were to meet another funny person of the day ( which you’ll find out later in the write-up).
We were actually told to put shoes, but we changed our mind and we wore sandals. But the situation was different with Nandu (Prinand). He was in shoes. When we four got out of the bus, he noticed us wearing sandals. And you know what happens when there’s always an odd-one-out kind of situation. We just closed our ears and moved on!!!

Time: 7.45 AM

Our next bus was to Kudiyanmala. The road, as usual, wasn’t very appealing. And adding to it the destination was an hill station, I mean obviously. We, however, reached safely to Kudiyanmala. And got off the bus. Then, Madhu, trying to know more on the location, went into a tea shop and tried to acquaint with the shop keeper. He said he’ll help in giving us the required info. But in return he asked us to have tea and make ourselves comfortable. We, anyways, hungry had the famous ‘Pazhampori’. We also asked him to give a parcel of 10 Pazhampori. And as Achu and Nandu had no intention of bringing food from their houses, bought a parcel of chappati. And Nandu out of curiosity asked one of the jeep drivers about the fare for getting to Paithalmala. He in return said it would take around 450 rupees for just getting there. But it would take around only 50 rupees for the bus travel. We just agreed to get to the place through bus, you know typical Indian ways. 

To Paithalmala Suicide Point
Time: 9.20 AM

And we got to the bus, our last one to get to the destination. And to get to the place theres only one bus that's on 9.20 AM, which we luckily got. That to without planning. And the bus started to move. The road wasn't good, which is always. We were like turkeys on thanksgiving. And the funny thing was the bus, climbing the hill, couldn't pick itself up. And we in an expression of awe, thought we might spend our energy to push the bus. Hopefully and fortunately enough, the bus showed it's power. And we were on track and moving!
At around 9.51 AM we reached our destination. 

Paithalmala Watch Tower

Time: 10.00 AM 
                 We were quite fascinated by the scenery in front of us. We were just mad of taking pictures of whatever we found interesting, it should be!!! 
Then, as usual Achu, photo-freak started giving us his intellectual prowess of POSING!! Then suddenly out of no where, Nandu Started asking to take his photos. Then we're on our way to explore the rest of Paithal.
Then we're to walk to get to the forest, where the real Paithalmala starts.
We walked around 4 KM, then we saw the Forest!! Which reminded us of Jurassic Park. On our way we saw elephant dungs, we heard the locals say about it, about the elephants. We were also very careful about that fact too.
Then we heard the sound of the stream. we got close to it. we dipped our hand in the water, which gave us a sudden chill. The water was so cold. We drank the water. Water was so fresh. Then we took some photos of the stream and ourselves.
Madhu warned us about Tiger Leeches, which the behavior of it was to hang on tree tops and when shaken would fall. Listening to all this, Nandu got his umbrella opened. And made himself safe from leeches ( not quite clearly). 

Paithalmala Orchid flower

     There was a bit of rain, I mean Drizzling. We were moving and Deepu found a leech in his leg. Then I too found leeches in my leg. And even Achu found some Leeches!! then Madhu gave us some salt. We sprinkled it on the leeches. We saw them getting of our legs as soon as salt were on them. Then I took the lighter and put the flame on to the leeches. But the salt was very effective than The lighter. Then we started to move and Nandu found a leech on his sock, screaming out for help.


 Then he took off his shoe and started looking for leeches. but then i took the lighter and put it on the leech. Then we made a move. But Nandu's suspicion about the presence of leeches, actually haunted him throughout the journey. Then we saw orchids all over the place. then we also saw some trees fallen because of the elephants. But we were frequently looking at our legs, in case we find any leeches!! 

Time: About 12.00 PM 

I, tired of walking, looked up and saw some sort of open place. I ran in excitement towards it. Found myself in an astounding place!!! I saw heaven, true heaven for adventure seekers. And all of us witnessed what we all waited and traveled for. We put our bags aside and sat on the rocks. With Achu asking us to take pics!! We all took our pics and saw one more wonderful sight. It was of a building with mist covering it. We walked towards it in pure excitement. I was ahead of the four, then I looked back to find mist covering the whole place and I found nothing but just white.. Then the mist cleared and i found them walking behind me. I continued towards the building, actually a watch tower. It was pretty old, built in the 90's. We were wondrous about, How they managed to build this on top of this hill. And we know the risk of getting on top. 

Paithalmala Suicide Point

We got inside the tower and we decided to have some food. Then we took our food and started feasting on the it. Then we headed towards the Suicide point. we were running towards it as fast as possible. We couldn't contain the sight of the beauty that our Earth offered us. But still we lack the ability to find them and tell the world of what India has, as it's assets. 
Then we reached the suicide point. It was so scary and awesome. The site from top of it was mind-boggling. 
We had our lunch there and headed back to the tower. We took rest for a while and we were on our way back. We saw a tree through the rocks, I mean it looked literally as though it had broken the rocks and grew. 
We headed back to where we came from. Leaving behind the the unknown, we realized the diverted truth of nature. The very truth we live upon. The full fledged trees and the shattered dreams. We left our soul to roam in the beauty of the nature. We realized what it would be like to travel. 
Then after walking through the woods for some time we were back to road. 

Time: 3.30 PM

we were walking past the memories of our arrival, sad that our journey of adventure ended. Then we reached the place where we are supposed to alight the bus. We waited for a bit and heard the sound of the bus through the silent valley. We got in to the bus.

Time: 5.20 PM

It is the only bus to get back from Paithal. we were the first to get to the bus. And then the bus started to move................................................