A Trip to Ezhimala- Ettikulam Beach- Hanuman Statue


Main attraction
Ettikulam beach,Asia's tallest statue of Hanuman,Exhilarating sea view

         Traveling is an obsession, it’s like madness; all you need is a little push. We were intoxicated by the nature’s pride of glamorous hot spot for all those who seek adventure, fun, and lot more than they actually think traveling is about. Although, we were in a state of exploring more beyond the imaginable range.

We found out the reality lurking in front of us, not knowing it’s still there, waiting! But sooner or later we will find ecstasy in life, which other seek through pleasure. We find pleasure in Traveling!
This time it was to Ettikulam Beach, Ezhimala, very near to our place. It can be called one of the cleanest and quietest beach you’ll ever visit.  The fact that it’s less polluted compared to other famous beaches in and around Kerala. But unfortunately this beach is not known to many, which is better by the way. And the fact is its very close to The Indian Naval Academy. It’s actually an apt place for a Naval Base.

The whole beach is split in to two. I mean one part of the beach is under surveillance of the Naval Base. And the other is free for public.
Our travel was different than the others. We were traveling on our bikes. I took mine and Madhu took his scooter. Actually we felt it better this way. We were on our own. A kind of responsibility crept to us about the travel.
Then we packed up and put the pedal to the metal!!. Then, I out of curiosity went near the naval base and saw a soldier guarding the entrance. His eyes were cold and he was staring at us in suspicion. But we knew that it was a bad idea to stay there any longer, so we came out from there. Then as usual Madhu started his work of photographing all that he saw, And the Funny thing is!!, he ended up giving a salt bath to the camera!

That feeling when you come for a trip and find something more interesting rather than enjoying the beach view. That’s what I felt when Achu was playing football with the locals. Then even we joined the game! obviously!. Then later we took some photos and saw many sea shells, it was my first look at them.
There wasn't sunset as it was cloudy. Then we stopped in front of an ice cream shop and bought ourselves a chocobar. Awhile later we left to see the Hanuman Statue just 3 km from the beach. Its situated in a kind of hilly region. We thought it was Paithalmala all over again. We reached the destination.  

The statue was massive. A 41-feet giant Hanuman, standing and viewing the beach. That statue was sculpted by K.K.R Vengara. I gotta admit that the structure was well-built and you can see those muscles and the six-pack. You might end up asking about the GYM classes Hanuman attended. Then there is an awesome view of the whole beach just behind the Structure. The cold breeze and the exhilarating view is just a feast to the eyes.


          Then we made a move to our place and yet again leaving behind all our sorrows and happiness wash away in the tide. And we reminisced all that had happened. And a Quote came to my mind “Time and Tide waits for none”.......