Madayipara- Photographer's Paradise

           Sometimes life teaches you the most valuables lessons, which you ought to learn through vision, knowledge, and traveling. Like a famous saying goes " If you want to read a book, which isn't still been written, then write it up!. We wanted to make our mark, a mark which isn't still been made, which would make us what we are.. The very mark which differentiate the inhuman from the human. The whole world stands in front of us, to be explored. To the unexpected, we tread to our destiny. OUR LIFE!

This time we planned for a short one. Its located just 4 KM from our place. Its called MADAYIPARA. We started in the evening to the place. We wanted to view the real beauty of Madayipara. We've been there many times. But we weren't actually in to it.Its a nice place for spending the evenings, especially for the couples. 

          The serene nature, the astounding sunset and an awesome feast of the different kinds of flowers. You can find many rare and endangered plants. There is one more face of Madayipara, its been attacked by miners, China Clay, a company mines clay for different purposes. Many voices were raised against the company. But nothing shook their ground. The guards stared at us in doubt, anger and with pity on the very state of the nature we passed by thinking of ways of eradicating all the scum which have accumulated there.


Moving on, Madayipara is famous for the temple Madayikavu, Vadukunna Shiva Temple, people from all over place come to get the blessings from Lord Shiva.

This place was actually suggested for the Kannur International Airport, But because of the pressure from the people that idea was dropped. This place is Archaeologically important and has many history behind the name itself. And even best location for movie direction. Movies like Keralavarma Pazhassiraja, Bhalyakala Saki and many more.

         This place as said before been attacked by miners. The consequences are code 'RED' and you know what I mean by it. The mining has not only disturbed the biodiversity and has made huge cracks in the nearby rocks, Like, say, an earthquake hit Madayi. The situation is worse than before.

Our Earth is tearing itself apart, not on its own, but by humans in all ways. This is not new to all of us, new,  I mean to say its always been talked about.. We study about the environmental consequences and all about it. But we haven't made a mark to save the very earth we live. The question is WHY?
And one more fascinating fact is that a pond called "Vadukunna Thadhakam" is known because, it never dries out! But the funny thing is no one knows How or Why!!

And after all the nature watching we stopped nearby a small shop which sold mostly homemade products, we bought salted mangoes and Jalebi.

We saw the sunset and our one more journey ended. We walked back in mixture of both happiness and sadness towards the state of Madayipara, a symbol of Ecstasy!...