Trekking at Thusharagiri Waterfalls- A Tale Of Thumbi Thullum Para


Main attraction
5 waterfalls,Thumbithullumpara

Trek starting point      
Thusharagiri ecotourism centre

Trek difficulty Level   
Medium(Leeches,Crossing streams,Hanging on wild vines)                                           
Trek distance              
2KM (oneside)

Time to trek                
1 - 2 (hours one side)

Required,Can be obtained from the Ecotourism centre on the spot                                      
Trekking fees             
500Rs for a group of ten people(Accompanied by a guide)

If water level is low,one can have a refreshing bath in Thumbithullumpara Waterfalls(Highest waterfall)

             People are in one way or the other slaves to something, Scientists to Science, Politicians to Politics and We to Traveling. Whatever you don't understand, becomes stranger. But when you travel, it has a good reputation for, you know, getting to know more on everything. If you want to understand the earth, you need to know what earth has in its treasure box. Traveling is something conspicuous to understand the whereabouts of our mother earth.

      We planned a trip to Thusharagiri, Calicut. We left to the railway station at about 6 in the morning. Then we bought tickets to Quilandi. The train arrived at 6.50 and we boarded the train and reached Quilandi. We had our breakfast in the hotel nearby. Then we boarded the bus to Thamarassery at 9.20.  We reached Thamarassery at 10.25. After this we got on to a bus to Adivaram and took tickets to Kaithappoyil, we reached there at 11.00 and we hired an auto towards Kodenchery. We bought parcels to help our appetite on our journey. At around 11.30, we boarded a bus to Chembukadavu. We alighted the bus at around noon. But after that we had to board a jeep to get to Thusharagiri which is located 3 KM from Chembukadavu.

         Let me tell you something, you expect a situation to be according to what you thought. Your mind, or psychologically speaking, Sub-conscious mind registers that same expectation and creates its on world, Like an Inception, We just project it and then when we see the reality you find yourself misplaced, not deprived.


The expectation  I was talking about, was like the place would be, you know, like deserted and only we'll be there to savor all of natural phenomenon. But this place was full of people and the most cunning of all was to pay to trek to the top of the hill. We were devastated by this and frustrated. Its like having the fastest car in the world with no engine!!!
     The amount was 500 Rs for 10 people, they would send a guide to accompany the trek. We waited as told by the cashier that two of them were also interested in the trek to the top. Then they returned from the restaurant and we asked about the trek together. They replied instantly and a surge of hope, and  the crave for the adventure awaited us. We acquainted with two and introduced ourselves. We paid the bill and then we were off!!

     We saw  a waterfall, it was public, we weren't interested in that readily. So we started with a steep hill and we climbed out of difficulty.. First we saw a small waterfall and we liked the place already and We took some photos and we started climbing again. We were bitten by leeches. But the leeches were pathetic and we were just not caring about them all along. Then we saw another waterfall it was like paradise and then we made a move and then we reached what looks like more than heaven, just one word to explain the view, Esplendida!!! You might think you are seeing some sort of a milk waterfall and OMG! the view is just scintillating, Marvelous. I think the words used to exclaim the view is perhaps less! We were eagerly waiting to get into the water for a swim. But the guide with us said it was not the right time for swimming. So little sad and planning to swim in a pond while getting down. But we insisted him about our interest. So we took off our clothes and we dived into the water. Then we made slid down the slippery rocks which was like a small coaster. If you see the top of the waterfall, you can see dragon flies all over, So the name "Thumbithullumpara". Then we took some photographs and then guard told us it was danger to be there if the rains heavy so we packed up and we were up and moving!

We walked through the forest, it was totally different from our way up. So we stopped to have look at our feet for leeches. But thankfully the guide had a concentrated solution of salt and just a drop of  it would kill the leeches. Although the leeches weren't much troublesome. The rain grew heavier. It was like Cats and dogs. Then we reached down managing with few umbrellas. Then we came to the bottom, and asked the guide his name and we gave him some tips and we farewell and left. We again looked for leeches and confirmed it once again, we left to Kodenchery in a car. We reached there and had  some refreshments. We boarded a bus to Thamarassery. We got a bus to Kozhikode and on the way we planned to board a train at the Calicut Railway station. We reached Kozhikode and didnt know what to do and where to go. So we thought we'll straight away go to the railway station, but the funny thing was no one of us knew where it was. So Google came to the rescue, we turned on the GPS and we found our way.

      It was just minutes away before we went to the railway station and bought the tickets. We waited for the Nethravathi Express to arrive while we were feasting on cashews. Then we got into the train. I, and Achu made ourselves comfortable in the foot board and the disaster came to me!!! My CHAPPAL fell of the train. I usually wear shoes, so I thought I wore shoes, so careless I was. I saw my chappal falling of the train. Then with one chappal I managed to reach the Railway station and I put it in the bag and barefooted walked out of the station. Then we waited for a vehicle to pass by. Then luckily we got an auto and we were off.
So another trip of enthusiasm ended and we wait in eager for more adventures.

 And we put all the emotions behind us and a quote came to my mind " I don't want to be at my mercy of my emotions, I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them" - Oscar Wilde