Ranipuram- A Journey To the Ooty of kerala


Trek starting point          
Near Guest house 

Trek difficulty Level        
Medium(Leeches,Rock climbing)                                        

Trek distance                
3KM (oneside)

Time to trek                  
2 - 3 (hours one side)

Not Required

Rooms for rent at around 2000 rupees per room in the guest house,no need for pre booking.                                     

Trekking fees               

Trekking to Ranipuram would be adventurous as well as dangeruous during monsoon season.Sometimes you will have to register your name with an ID proof at the guest house before the trekking begins.The guest house is still undergoing maintenance so do not expect luxurious facilities.


 We all do talk about the severity of extreme weather conditions, Don't we? We do. But the question is
 "Have we felt it?". Some of us dream about a place, like a paradise, or rather more than we all assume it to be. 
"Extensive traveling induces a feeling of encapsulation, and travel, so broadening at first, contracts the mind."
says Paul Theroux, US Novelist, Travel writer. The real meaning of it can be induced or can be deduced easily just by traveling. I mean just by traveling not in an easy way, but by compassion, interest and lot more of ' The Whole of Me'....

This time we were a bit separated, I mean to say only three of us went. You know, 'students'!! I, Nandu, Deepu. 

We reached Kanhangad at around 8.10, Its around an hour journey to reach Kanhangad. The destination is Ranipuram, 49 KM from Kanhangad. 
We bought salt ( enlightened fromThe trip to Paithalmala), Lighter and we took parcel for the journey ahead. We boarded the bus from Kanhangad to Panathur, bought tickets to Panathadi. we reached Panathadi at  around 10.15, its a small town. We asked the autowala about the fare to reach Ranipuram, He said it would be 200 Rupees if hired specially and also he said that by jeep its just 20 rupees. So chose the second option. The jeep starts only if 11 members board it. So we waited for an hour or so. 

The Jeep driver warned us about going on top as it was very windy and misty, They even warned about the elephants. Because its too misty you can't even predict the position of an animal. It might just be behind you asking for a matchbox.!!. We, you know, young rising youths, ignored him, as usual, and we moved on. We reached what looked like a village, I suppose. And a small shop ( you can call it that!), We got out of the jeep, we walked around 4 KM to reach the starting point of the hill.

At the starting point we found a Government guest house, big, and beautiful but vacant. No one took over the place or was looked after it was inaugurated. Behind the guest house starts the trekking point. We were confused about how to go about. We also saw a small stream nearby and a small bridge above it. We walked through it. We reached what looked like a wild African jungle. Leeches started their routine from the beginning of the climb.
The hill is too steep for a climb, Like a wall in front of you... scared of being bitten by the leeches, no options left, We RAN!. The best way to avoid leeches is to climb on rocks or just be away from plants and grass. 
We reached a clear area with Grass all over. But the journey is only a half way through. We didn't stop there, started to climb again. To reach the topmost of the hill, we had to climb about half a kilometer

We reached the top. Let me tell you something, The place was awesome, but it lacked vision. I mean it was misty, windy as hell. And add the fact that it was rainy, It would seem extreme. It was bitter cold, which reminded us of Ooty. We thought this might be our last trip because of the extremities. And my umbrella broke due to the wind, Heavy wind!! 
We ate from our parcel, it was a bit hot. It was like a light in the dark. Our way was blocked by a big rock, it was enormous. We stood there for a long time, actually we were frozen, literally. Not knowing our way back. We weren't actually making a lot of sense there. 

So we started back, On our way we saw a building covered with mist. A ray of hope crept into us. We ran towards it. As we closed the building we figured it out that, the building was abandoned. We ran back again, not because we were mad. Just in case we die there because of some spirit in the house ( Haunted to be precise). We ran down the hill to avoid leeches from biting us. 
Our stock of salt was finished as we ran down the hill. Then somehow we made it down. Then we reached the guest house I told about before. 

We removed our clothes to check for leeches. Then after all the inspection for the leeches, we walked out of the guest house. Then we walked back to Ranipuram village. Then we drank hot tea and bought some snack. Then we boarded a jeep back to Panathadi. 


      From here at around 5.30 in the evening we boarded a government bus to Kanhangad. Then the bus stopped because of engine trouble, We boarded an other bus, reached Kanhangad at around 6.45.
From Kanhangad we all boarded a fast passenger back to Pilathara. Then our journey ended once again.