Kodachadri Trek- Beyond The Sarvajna Peetha


Main attraction
Hidlumane falls,Caves,Sarvajnapeeta temple,Chitramoola

Trek starting point      
From Nittur

Trek difficulty Level   
Hard (Climbing waterfalls,Walking through steep hillsides,Vertical climbing to caves)   
Trek distance              
20KM (oneside)

Time to trek                
8 hours (one side)

Not Required
Trekking fees             

We completed the trek in a day.It took long 8 hours to reach the destination and we had to hire a jeep for return due to the lack of time.
Kodachadri Peak
Consider yourself in an unusual position of fighting between your career and the crave for an adventure, What would you do?
That's what I asked myself. Should I stop and resume my boring routine or find something more intriguing...
I've had a lot of after-trip experiences, like being more MATURE!. I was really excited about the trip as people warned us of numerous blunders, keeping aside all they said, we just heard the word 'Dangerous'. It was dangerous and inexplicably marvellous. It was enormous but beautiful.
My preconceptions about the religious instincts people usually tend to have were a lot less, but I found the gravity of the belief which people have incorporated in their daily life about the presence of an 'Omni god'. I always kneel down to mother Earth. Nature being my Demigod, my entertainer, my punisher, my everything, has never let me down. I'm always grateful towards it. I always wanted to live in the wild. However the touch of a reflecting hand, the caress of a living spirit, the love of my life has sprung out of me, within me I repeat the memories over and over again, living in the moment. This trip is sort of a memoir, my mixed state of love and the adrenaline rush. And they do go hand in hand.
The adventure we were on was the lesson I was waiting to witness. As I said the mixed state of love and the adrenaline rush. Even the mixed weather, mixed ideas, we felt all of it in a single trip..
We enjoy it, the blood pumping through the veins. The three against the rest of the world, still to be explored. And I also learned that human beings are suffocated and battered by the qualities of our fellow friends of not being trust worthy, Its always about trust issues. But I've been able tackle those blows which have proven fatal and also very heart breaking.
Kodachadri Hills

Moving on!
This trip was planned perfectly, leaving out some miscalculations, which is always our thing when we plan for a trip.
It was a 2-day trip. We planned for the trip in a quick succession as usual. And we thought of leaving in the morning 5.45 AM train. But we wanted some more incentive to be added for the trip, so we planned to leave at 2.40 AM train. But out of blue we thought of the train and realised it consisted only AC coaches. Then we had to plan for another train which leaves around that time. We didn't find any,so we planned to leave to the station for 9.20 PM train, we planned for it at 8.30PM. We had 7 KM to reach the railway station, and we hadn't packed a thing, none of us, very subtle I thought. We then rushed and ate what we found and packed all stuffs ( Later it dawned on me why I packed an extra underwear, fairly enough it was helpful!!) and I was waiting for the others to arrive. It was 8.50 PM when they reached my place. It was my dad who came to the rescue of driving us to the station. We were exactly on time and we boarded the train and we were off!!
The train was crowded, I mean over crowded. We had to stand on the foot-board as people were less likely found there. One thing I found intriguing about people was that they liked anything which was empty and not wet to have a seat or may be sleep!. I was wondering how they lead life without plenty of financial support and I did imagine myself in that position which gave a chill over the fact. And I felt satisfied that my life is much better than them. Hitler had a nice vision over helping people. He once said in his speech that we have to give how much ever we can considering the fact that they're much inconceivable position than us. They don't have a destination, no hope, but worry seeing other people passes by them. But I've been able to stop myself from being sympathetic towards human, as we deserve to be battered.
We comforted ourselves on the foot-board, taking turns, relaxing our aching legs. But we found pleasure in that experience. Feeling that this state would help us understand different situations considerably..
The train was at full force, It was fast. Really fast and the weather was cold. And we were literally exposed to the cold air. But we had some sleep even though it was cold. I was constantly looking at station names as we had to get down in Byndoor, Mookambika road station. We're not familiar with these places. Finally we reached a station which had only single track, Then with doubt we got off to the platform and we saw the name Byndoor (or Baindur). We felt relaxed and it was a bit warm.
Byndoor is a place located in Udupi district, Karnataka. The Byndoor station is long and the best part is that the waiting shed was enormous with plenty of chairs available for us to sleep. So we slept on those chairs, making ourselves comfortable.. It was almost 3.00 AM, when we reached the station. We slept at different places. I was hungry and thirsty. We had no supplies, so slept sound. We were constantly troubled by mosquitoes. We woke up at around 6.00 AM. But we found ourselves sleeping in different positions. And I was amazed by the goods train that passed us in lightning speed. It carried lorries, I mean 20+ of them. How can you possibly believe it? But we had to accept the truth however inept we may be, there are people out there with brilliant ideas.
We thought we'll catch a bus to Kollur, as kodchadri located after it. We walked to the bus stand. Not knowing about it. We were searching for water so that we can freshen ourselves a bit. We wanted to finish off our nature calls as well. But we found no apt place. We walked further, and found a public bathroom, if you can call it that. I entered first and then followed by Madhu, He instantly jumped out of the bathroom as it smelled like shit, literally. But he was amazed that how I was inside it without a slightest expression of disgust. But I cleared his doubt by telling him that I had a blocked nose, Phew. But I responded to the nature call, they didn't (HAHA). I asked the nearby shopkeeper about the buses and we walked to the bus stop. We made a halt. We saw the bus coming towards us, we got on to the bus and waited for the conductor to provide us the ticket. Then after a while we were off. We dozed off as we had time to reach the destination, Kollur.
Kodachadri Sarvajnapeeta
We reached the Kollur Bus stand, we got off and we weren't wasting time on anything. We wanted to freshen up. We found a lodge, Administered by the Mookambika Dewaswam. The Lodge was named 'Lalithambika Guest house'. The lodge was pretty big, we thought it might be expensive seeing the fa├žade. We enquired for the availability of rooms and the cost. It was cheap considering the place it was situated. Usually these lodges cost more as it is situated very close to the Temple. And we got the Keys and paid all the necessary amount. We raced towards the room, opened the door and we were stunned. The room was a mammoth! with 2 beds and bathroom attached to the room. We were fighting each other to charge our phone and camera. But fortunately Achu bought a multi-pin and we all plugged in our gadgets. We brushed our teeth, Had bath ( except achu, how subtle). And the rest of the day passed and we were excited to start the next day, “A TRIP TO KODCHADRI”
We woke up a bit early and got ready to leave. We vacated the room and settled the amount. We caught a bus to Nittur, Shimoga. It was around 6.05 AM when we got the bus from Kollur. As we climbed higher, above sea level, the temperature dropped and the signal as well. No one had signal on our phone. And after some tiring ride, we reached Nittur. It was a small town. We thought we'll have breakfast and stopped by a hotel and had hot and fresh food. We asked the cashier about getting to the top peak. He gave us some valuable locations on the way to the peak. Hidlumane Falls was one of it.. He said it was around 90 feet, making us more interested. We bid farewell and we left, getting the location to start. We had to walk a bit. And we were in total confusion over where to start. We asked most of the people passing by. And finally we found the place, heading in the direction of the hill, through Hidlumane falls. We asked others, they said that there are numerous other ways to reach the destination. The road was confusing as it is. One road led to many other roads. But our way was correct and precise. We had to pass many houses. We were amazed to see civilisation in the remotest place. We were walking like its never-ending, we walked around 10 KM. We saw an house at the end of the road, then realising it as the ending point. And after that we saw paddy fields, vast and green. We walked towards the dense forest. And found some sort of fence, like a border dividing the forest with the civilisation. As we entered the forest, we saw a stream, we refilled our water supply, and we were off. The climate suddenly changed to a mild coolness, looming around us. As we inclined the temperature dropped considerably. We realised we were not far from the falls. We started to hear the ripples of water. Yet we never saw a proper river. We saw falls, but it didn't quite fit the specs. We are an adventurous lot, we like to risk our life. And we did risk some (sort of). I started to climb the rock, with all my courage and might. Then the other followed. We had an easy path, but as I said adventurous! We climbed one, it was slippery and dangerous. One slip and we would end up at the bottom with some broken bones. We were astounded by our motive, We saw series of rocky hills. We were racing towards it to climb. And we climbed a lot of them. We lost count of it, this rocks we climbed was part of the falls. As it was summer, the water was less. We also saw the patterns on the rocks shaped by the river water. And finally! We saw it!! The exuberant and enthralling view after a long time.

Kodachadri Hidlumane Falls
The Hidlumane Falls! It was awesome. It was a mere 90 Ft. before reaching it, we had to cross a huge log. We took photos and videos. I ran towards the falls. And saw crystal clear water. But it was polluted with plastics and bottles which accumulated in the rocks. We refreshed ourselves in the water, it was cold, damn cold. We had bananas. We didn't want to stop any longer. We started upwards, we had to walk a bit more than expected. Finally we saw light as always, as we walk from a dense forest. But unfortunately we had to walk more to reach the peak. The climb was leg-hurting. It was inclined as though it was a wall. We finally reached the top, exhausted, exhilarated by the view. We let out a sigh of relief and we took some rest. But our journey wasn't even close to half. We had to walk a lot to reach our next destination 'Sarvajnapeeta'. We walked down a hill and then climbed another hill to reach a road leading to Sarvajnapeeta. We followed the trail. Usually people visit the place in a Jeep. Paying a lot of money, missing the point of the trip. We walked a lot, I mean a lot..

Then finally we saw temples. It wasn't old or divine as most of the temples have. I felt it as an artificial divinity in them. We weren't interested in them at all. We saw a water source, the people around said it was pure and clean, it came from top of the hill. We refilled our bottles and we were off. We had to climb a hill and walk past a narrow path. If one slip, we'd be rolling off a valley and we'd be lost. No one would find our remains. It was steep and really scary. We went at the right time, it was misty, cold, rainy and very attractive. The view was blocked totally by the mist. We couldn't see a thing. We walked into the mist and found ourselves in front of a stall, which sold butter milk and lemonade, very subtle for the weather we had. We had butter milk and biscuits. The stall guy asked us to go to the cave which was nearby. We went there and saw none. The cave was pretty neat with idol of gods and the aroma was divine. There's a cave inside the cave, anyone can go inside it but it doesn't lead to anywhere. We came out of the cave and walked towards the destination. We walked for another 15 – 20 minutes. Finally we saw a blurred view of a small building, vaguely visible through the mist. We walked towards it and we were often looking to our left, it was so misty and white, like a pure soul. As we closed in, the building came to view, 'Sarvajnapeeta'.
Kodachadri Sarvajnapeeta Temple

Its an old temple built 1500 odd years ago. The place which it is situated looks pretty convenient and far-fetched. We sat down for a while, silent, looking towards the clearing mist. We weren't tired, but still we wanted to sit. Then we walked to our final destination, “Chitramoola”.

Kodachadri Chitramoola

The path was inclined, so difficult to walk. We reached the bottom of it with some people. It started to rain heavily and we kept our phones inside the bag and we were moving. We reached a place, which resembled like a sage's meditating site. It was a sort of cave, but higher than the ground level. But we wanted to go further, so we went into the forest ahead. It was deep and very inclined. The space below was invisible and misty. We were very careful and watched our step. We walked a bit and we saw a dead end, no path ahead. We climbed and then we saw a path. It lead to a cave, ofcourse. But we were excited and also afraid. We saw the cave, it was occupied by some one. We thought the owner would be around, fortunately there was no one. We went close to it and examined the place. We thought it might be a loner or may be a sage. But there was a bag, pack of candle, a vessel, matchbox, salt etc. We liked the idea, Into the wild!! We ate bananas and we left. But it was raining heavily and our bags were getting wet. We bought plastic cover to cover ourselves, we used it wisely. We headed back and we climbed the aforementioned cave. It had idols and the aroma was totally different. I was suddenly detached from the reality and I was in a something better place. The gaze widened, I became more optimistic. There was dripping water and below it was a vessel to store the water. The water tasted pure, clean. No one actually knew where it came from. We had some water and we climbed down. We retraced our path and we saw the stall guy, we bid him goodbye. It was nice visiting the place, totally different from our other encounters. We reached our starting point, we rested a while. We were in no position to retrace our path through the hill, we were exhausted and hungry. So we decided to catch a Jeep, We asked many of them. They said they can't take us unless his travellers allowed. He asked them, but they hesitated at first and seeing our inability they said 'yes'. The Jeep was full, no place for another person. We were cramped in and the road ahead of us was totally not a road. It had gutters, around a meter in depth and the stones were pointy. The driver was manoeuvring the vehicle like a pro. I was bewildered by the drivers' skill. The path was like around 9 -10 km. But it seemed endless through the road. Finally we reached the main road and it was like heaven. He sped to Nittur, our destination. We got out of it, our legs were hurting. We paid him and we went into the same hotel. We had a sumptuous food. It was very refreshing and gave us some energy. We wanted to sleep. We asked the owner about the return vehicle. He said there was a bus at 8.15 PM. We waited for the bus talking about our trip. Finally we boarded the bus and we bought tickets to Kollur. We had no idea about our way back home. I checked the train timings and found one or two trains which suited our timings. We reached Kollur within an hour, and boarded a bus to Kundapur where we'll catch our train to Payangadi. We had to walk around 7 KM to Kundapur railway station. The train was scheduled to arrive at 1.30 AM. We reached the station at around 10.45 PM. We slept for a while and bought ourselves tickets.
We boarded the train and we sat in a corner, drowsy. We dozed off instantly. Finally we reached Payangadi at around 5.30 AM. We hired an auto and we left to our homes in pain and agony of our trip, I thought of different ways of enjoying our trips but in vain. I hoped for the best in the near future. I slept sound after a long time..
My frustration about certain things, about certain concepts were clear after the trip. I felt love and being loved by some natural force which kept me thinking of my attitude towards life. My senses were active and it was overflowing with that love. It still keeps me on,and it will forever. I sense my life, Complete!!