Talacauvery Trekking- Temple To Wilderness

Bus timing : Kanhangad to Bagamandala(Near Talacauvery) - 8.20AM

Main attraction
Waterfalls,Talacauvery temple,Coffee plantations

Trek starting point      
Near Bhagamandala

Trek difficulty Level   
Hard (Massive leech attack,Vertical rock climbing,Lack of clear trekking trail,Water falls)                                           

Trek distance              
5KM (oneside)

Time to trek                
2 - 3 (hours one side)

Not Required

Huts and tree houses are available for rent at around 1000 rupees per shelter at trek starting point. 
Trekking fees             

The trekking trail mentioned in our travelogue is extremely adventurous.The chances for getting lost in the wild is really unpredictable.Hut resort near trek starting point provides package tours which include food,accomodation,and a guided 8Km trek to Talacauvery through an another trail,at around 2000Rs.Decision depends upon you.

If there's anything like an unexpected turn of events, I've witnessed it like no other. Its one in million of a chance to discover the breathtaking, death toll adventure of my life yet to fully unfold before my eyes. Sometimes we believe we have free will, sometimes the path is clear but sometimes not. We chose our destination, bit of a crowded place for free travelers. But the path we chose was exhilarating, yet scary! But our hunger for the trek was not stopped by the over growth of forest, it just gave us a push, whispering in our ears,which resounded GO! 

Talakaveri Temple
The trip to talacauvery, was preplanned as always. We left our places in hope of boarding a bus to Bagamandala (To Mysuru) at 8.20 AM from Kanhangad. We had to travel via Panathur, Ranipuram road to reach Bagamandala. We reached at around 12 noon. We freshened up in the Triveni Sangama. The place was clean and was maintained by the guards who never allowed soaps and stuffs. Then we we're confused as to how to reach the destination avoiding the road path. We asked around for another path and the locals showed us the path next to the Forest Dept. And also a Government school on the way. First we found it easy, roads to show us further forward. Then we reached a resort, huts and tree houses for rent at around 1000 rupees per shelter. 
Talakaveri - A view

The resort is placed at a perfect location and the owner asked us not to go further because of the lack of path and danger of wild animals, But we weren't in a position to stay there any longer. We Started to walk through the fallen trees capturing the view that we passed by. The leeches started attacking stealthily. We had no idea about where we were heading. We reached a place where there was no path but a huge rock. We stood there thinking of going back but I had a strange idea of going further, and proceeded further and the rest followed me. We had to climb the rock around it leading us through the water flow. Finally we saw a partial trail, we moved in.

 We had to make our own path, we stayed close to the water flow. We reached a place where we had no idea where we were, finally without much thoughts we proceeded where we thought the best. We walked for some time and saw a small house built for the workers working in the nearby plantations.  We sat down to breath! We saw oranges and we plucked a few. The trouble started when we all removed our shoes, our legs were covered with leeches, sucking on our blood. We started removing them one by one. We had to move as there was more leeches crawling onto us. We finally reached the road leading us to the destination. We're walking as fast as possible due to less time, we saw a bus to the top. We boarded the bus and we reached. The place was covered by the mist, it was cool and freezing. We walked till the entrance of the temple, Talakaveri. 

Talacauvery  A ritual
The view from the site was serene and it caught my eyes. I was photographic every bit of the view. Then we saw the origin of Cauvery, providing millions a life. After the origin spot, there was a set of stairs leading to the top. We climbed with anxiety, tired from the trek but still our desire was still burning. We reached the top and saw the glamorous view of Coorg. It was marvelous and the mist covering the hilltop. And we watched into the horizon and let ourself find the scrabble of gratitude beneath the masquerade of depravity and self conscience. 


Then a thin Vail of mist caressed our faces and it felt as though the angels themselves trying to take away our pain, losses and filling our lungs with magic. We breathed magic!.We had to get back soon as we had to catch a bus to our hometown. We got a bus to Panathur and no other transportation thereafter. We had to hire a Auto rickshaw to Kanhangad costing us lot of money. We, finally, boarded a bus back home.The unexpected journey taught us more than a lesson, it taught us to survive. We hence 'Evolved to Survive'.