Ranipuram- A Motorcycle Journey To The Ooty Of Kerala


Trek starting point          
Near Guest house 

Trek difficulty Level        
Medium(Leeches,Rock climbing)                                        

Trek distance                
3KM (oneside)

Time to trek                  
2 - 3 (hours one side)

Not Required

Rooms for rent at around 2000 rupees per room in the guest house,no need for pre booking.   
Trekking fees               

Trekking to Ranipuram would be adventurous as well as dangeruous during monsoon season.Sometimes you will have to register your name with an ID proof at the guest house before the trekking begins.The guest house is still undergoing maintenance so do not expect luxurious facilities.

Sometimes we believe we have free will, sometimes the path is clear but sometimes not. Yet the evolution of human race has significantly taught us that 'Evolve to Survive' is a predominant thought and the depth of human soul is mere a futile attempt to prove ourselves victorious over other species. But we are a different species with rather a whole new level of self perception. I, as a human being, no different than my species is supposed to be, feel the force of nature 'Divine'. If you see as I see, If you feel as I feel, If you would seek as I seek, then the small vignette of my emotion is understood. For what I live, the reason and the answer is thus justified. I feel alive and my eyes 
glisten with an unshed tear.

The trip was to Ranipuram, again. But this time it was not just to see the place, but to survive there. We planned a night there out in the cold living our dreams. We left our hometown around afternoon in our bikes. It was joyful as it sounded. The road ahead was bumpy and there was no sign of tar on them. I drove as carefully as possible. As we closed to the destination furthur, cool breeze started to sway on our skin. We drove through villages, hilly roads and finally lining the hills of Ranipuram.

We reached the place after a long, tiring ride. We searched for shelter nearby and the Guest House rent was unbearable. We, obviously, said no! And we found a shop with chairs and tables put up. We sheltered there for the night. We took a small walk on the road and we were warned about elephants. Suddenly we all stopped on our feet, gulping, we thought we saw an elephant standing near the bushes. For the love of god, it was just the trees and also our imagination shaped like an elephant.

It was fun talking about our life. It opened up what we really are 'Inside'. It was cold and we were disturbed by ants, dogs. And we woke up a bit early, we had to cover a lot of ground through the forest. We saw sunlight and we headed to the forest.
We smelled elephants. We walked until we sawlight at the other end. The view was perfect. But the greenery wasn't much. We took a break and our breath. We covered the rest of the places.Finally our hunger of adventure became shallow for the time being. We rode back to our hometown.The thought about free will, its not for sale. Its our right to get what we own. The path we choose to reach our goal is what describes our nature.The past taught me the lesson of persistence, I am persistent now.